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Welcome to Online GPF Information System
The online GPF Information System is launched by the Office of the Principal Accountant General(A&E) Nagaland, Kohima for the registered GPF subscribers of the Grade C and above employees of the State Government of Nagaland.
For availing SMS service(for sms alerts with regards to details of credits and debits in the GPF accounts) a subscriber has to register his/her mobile number to the Office of the Principal Accountant General(A&E), Nagaland, Kohima
In order to access GPF status, the subscriber has to select the GPF series name and enter the GPF Account Number, his/her PIN(Personal Identification Number) in the relevant boxes provided.
If the subscriber has not received his/her PIN, or any other queries, they may contact at or may contact the Help desk team during office hours of visting days.

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