Do's and Dont's

Many of the errors noticed in the GPF accounting are due to improper data received in this office in the form of Schedules. Carelessness or Ignorance on the part the officials of the concerned departments causes the data sent to this office to be erratic, illegible or incomplete. We, the office of the Accountant General Nagaland, always desire an error free GPF account, so that subcribers are assured that the money they contribute to the fund are safe. To achieve our vision to have an error free GPF accounting system, we solicitate the cooperation of the Drawaing and Disbursing Officers and Treasury Officers. We hope that tips provided here to the DDOs and TOs would help to provide us with perfect data in respect of the contributors/contribution to the fund.


  • Have full knowledge on the structure of "Account Number" provided to the Subscribers. Please click here to know how the GPF Account structured.
  • Ensure that correct Series & Number are quoted with the Account Number issued by this office in the GPF schedules
  • Ensure that full name of the subscriber is quoted against the Account Number. Avoid initializing the name with the title of the subscriber. Example: P. Angami, S. Sema, etc. - avoid these. Provide full name - Puhonol Angami, Sukhavi Sema, etc.
  • It would be advisable to print the details in the schedules than to write by hand. Do not use hand written carbon copies; Ensure that Cyclostyled copies are clear and legible.
  • Ensure that Schedules are prepared in chronological order of the Subscribers Account Number.
  • Ensure that minimum subscription of the employee is not less than 6% of Basic Pay + Dearness Pay and not more than Basic Pay + Dearness Pay
  • Ensure that all schedules are properly signed and stamped by DDOs and TOs.
  • Ensure that Grade IV and workcharged staffs' schedules are NOT clubbed along with schedules of Grade III or others. Separate Schedules are to be prepared.
  • Ensure that there is no overwritting/overtyping on the Account Number, Name and Amount to avoid confusion. If error occurs strike through the incorrent entry and write or print above in clear space.
While forwarding papers for withdrawals from Fund -
  • Ensure that the Account Number (including Series and Number), Name in full are inscribed in all the submissions/forms/Bills forwarded by the department.
  • Ensure that the latest and original copy of the GPF statement is attached with the application of the subscriber. If DDO/TO has any doubt on the authenticity of the GPF Statement submitted by the Subscriber, the same may be referred to this office for varification.
  • Ensure that the Government sanction order is attached with the application forwarded to this office for withdrawals from the fund.
  • Authorize amount within available Credit of the Subscriber as per his/her latest GPF statement.
While forwarding papers for Final withdrawal from Fund -
  • Ensure that all relevant documents are attached with the application. Click here to find the list of documents required to be submitted.
  • Prepare the documents well in advance of retirement.
  • Ensure the documents are submitted through the department nodal officer.
  • Ensure that adequate care is given while filling up the forms for submission to void errors and ommission which may cause undue delay in settling the case.


  • Do not omit the Account No. or Name while preparing the Schedules.
  • Do not club the monthly subscription alongwith refund of withdrawals. This has to be shown separately in the schedule indicating as "refund" or "subscription" against the amount.
  • Do not club more than one months subscription or refund together. If an employee draws more than one month's pay at a time, the GPF schedule should either be prepared separately for each month or the amount shown separately for each month.
  • Do not change the "series" of the Account Number unilaterly, just because the employee has been transfered from one department to another. "Series" is a part of the Account Number which is alloted by this office. Changing the "Series" unilaterly will create a dupilicate Account Number which will result in missing credits against the subscriber's account.
  • Do not use nicknames or short names of the subscribers.
  • Do not prepare Grade IV schedules along with schedules of Grade III or above.
While forwarding papers for withdrawals from Fund -
  • Do not use photocopies of Statements or older versions of statements for authorising withdrawals from Fund.
  • Do not authorise to sanction withdrawals for an amount greater than the balance shown in the GPF statement.
While forwarding papers for Final withdrawal from Fund -
  • Do not sent final payment papers directly to this office. Ensure that the papers are routed through the department concerned.


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